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Teen Parents

At the end of 2016 we asked Teen Parents what would help them to be good parents.

They told us.. They want to live in an environment that is safe and teaches them to live independently. They also told us they want influence services to take a holistic approach when supporting teen parents and they wanted us to share the positives of being a dad with disengaged fathers.

We have:

  • Worked with the teen parent unit at Flaxmere College and William Colenso.
  • Organised PATH Planning and then sourced funding for the implementation of those plans.
  • Actively encouraged Teen Parents to attend the Ready 2 Rent (R2R) programme which assists with learning tenants' rights and how to maintain a healthy home.
  • Supported those other teen parent services such as Te Taiwhenua Teen dad group and the community workers linked to Teen Parents.
  • Wrote their stories for a hauora publication to raise awareness of the impact of housing on hauora for teen parents.
  • Provided a support worker that helps with benefit entitlements.
  • Actively worked with the Healthy Housing Child Health Team (HBDHB).

See an opportunity with the Waingakau Housing Development for young people to have secure housing.