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Jarmy Army

Over the years Wharariki Trust has provided thousands of pairs of warm pajamas (PJs) for Flaxmere children.

Something so simple can be so rewarding.

Providing pajamas has been a project over the years. The late Mary Fama and her husband Peter Fama were incredibly generous to be able to provide warm flannelette PJs for the children of Hawke’s Bay.

We have worked alongside others such as Jarmies for June and more recently a collective of women have taken up this project.

However, this year we managed to secure some funds and chose to purchase thermals for our tamariki which means they can wear them at night and also during the daytime.

Some feedback

“Four kiddies arrived to our childcare in their jarmys for kura that day ... So, we changed them into their new jarmys ... some kiddies said that this was the first pair of jarmys they have ever received and others walked around with them all day in their arms like it was Christmas.”

“Dear Ana Apatu. Thank you so much for the PJ's and thermals. We love them... We wouldn't be warm overnight if we did not have them.  On Friday night my sisters and I were so nice and warm. Thank you so much Ana Apatu and your crew. Yours sincerely, SV.”

Note: Ana Apatu is part of the Wharariki Trust team.

How you can help:

  • Donate funds
  • Donate flannelette pyjamas and merino clothing
  • Knit wool beanies and woollen slippers
  • Donate warm clothing