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To Mātau Pūrākau
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Wow - thanks heaps!

“Wow thanks heaps – you have helped us so much and we appreciate all that we have been given”

The picture above sums up the joy for these tamariki at having their own beds, with new bedding. When this whanau was referred by the local GP practice due to ongoing respiratory issues. The 9-year-old had asthma as well as the other children. This was a private rental with no working heating present, no extraction in the bathroom or kitchen and 3 out of the 4 children were sleeping on foam mattresses on the floor. They had prioritised a bed for the 9-year-old but the room was still very cold. Due to the lack of housing available post cyclone Gabrielle in Wairoa 2 whanau groups were living together, 4 adults and 4 children in a small 3-bedroom house. They had a limited supply of bedding and the children were often sick due to the conditions, it was also very stressful for the whanau. 


Through the healthy housing initiative and Variety, we were able to work with the landlord and get a heat pump installed, extraction in the bathroom and get 2 sets of bunks and bedding for the tamariki.  This meant that they could all sleep in the same bedroom and utilise the heater supplied by the healthy housing team for that room. We got bedding through the local resource centre for the adults as well.  We had curtains supplied through the curtain bank, and draught stoppers for the front and back door. The families are extremely grateful for all the support and will use the tools and education to improve the overall health of their whanau.